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When should I request a survey?
It’s never too early to request a survey. Do not wait until you have a moving date. A quotation from Move It Removals will be valid for 6 months, allowing you plenty of time to prepare for your move.
How much will the survey cost?
Our survey is carried out free of charge and we keep you appraised the whole way through the process.
What if we decide not to move due to unforeseen circumstances and we have had a survey?
Not a problem! Just let us know and we will archive your file, but still keep your details on our system for any future requirements you may have.
We decided against the packing service when originally offered, but have now changed our mind. Can you still help us?
Of course! Provided we are given sufficient notice we can still offer you our full or part packing service. Please note any items packed by you will not be covered by insurance.
When do we need to pay for our removal?
Moves are generally paid for in advance with 50% due at exchange to secure the date and the balance due 1 week before your move. You can pay easily in the following ways: Debit card, Credit card, Bacs transfer, Cheque (Must be cleared funds prior to your move). In special circumstances you can pay 50% prior and the balance on move day via debit/credit card.
We want to pack ourselves, when will we get our packing materials?
Packing materials can be delivered for a £100 box deposit at any time prior to the move. Simply phone the office and we will put you on our box delivery schedule and arrange a mutually convenient time. The box deposit will not be required if you have already exchanged and are paying your 50% deposit.
What packing materials will we receive?
The type and number of boxes will depend on what your surveyor has calculated you will need. They are usually fairly spot on and you will receive a number of boxes in two different sizes together with tissue, bubble wrap and tape. Clear plastic bags for bedding and cushions will be brought by your team on move day.
At what time will you arrive on moving day?
We will normally arrive between 8-8.30 am and plan to be loaded by lunchtime. This allows sufficient time for keys to be exchanged and collected. We aim to be unloaded by 5 pm - however, if there is a delay in receiving the keys, this may of course be later.
If there is a delay with key release do you charge us if you have to wait around?
We don’t charge waiting time, so you can relax.
How do I pack my hanging clothes?
You do not have to. On the day of move, we will place the clothes on to our garment carriers and protect them with special covers, keeping all items clean and crease free.
I am worried my furniture will get damaged or scratched in the move.
Do not worry. We use special protective covers for all your sofas and chairs and provide specially designed covers for mattresses, televisions and dining furniture. In addition, we can also cover carpets, banisters and the front door if necessary.
What happens if we book a date and then we have to change it?
There are postponement/cancellation fees due if the change is made less than seven days before the confirmed date (printed in our terms and conditions). However, in the early stages dates are only pencilled in and we stay in regular contact. Dates are only firmed up on exchange, which is when we take your deposit payment. Because of the way we work it is rare for a date to be altered once exchange has taken place. If you do need to change a date, we will do all we can to accommodate your new moving date.
What would happen if our completion didn’t go through at all, and we couldn’t get into our new house?
This is highly unlikely and only really likely to occur if you are trying to exchange and complete on the same day. If it were to happen we could either leave your goods in the lorry overnight, where it would be locked up in our secure warehouse, or if we needed the lorry the next day, we would house your goods in our storage facility, at a daily rate.
Will you dismantle furniture if need be?
Yes. The surveyor will identify any items that may need to be dismantled and ask if you require us to do it. In most cases this does not affect the cost, however, if the surveyor feels the item will take a longer period of time, he will quote separately for this. Anything our staff dismantle will be re-assembled. Please note that Flat pack furniture is not designed to be dismantled and re-assembled and as a result, any damage caused would not be covered by insurance.
Is there any work that you will not do?
Yes. We will not fix anything to the walls or other surfaces, we will not carry out electrical/plumbing or gas work. We will only enter lofts or cellars if it has been agreed in advanced and there is good access, lighting and flooring. We are not covered by insurance to enter lofts unless there is fixed staircase.
What if the surveyor gets the size of the job wrong, and it doesn’t fit on the lorry?
Because we at Move It Removals always carry out a site survey this would be very unlikely. If it were to occur we would complete your move in a professional manner in a reasonable timeframe, using additional vehicles if necessary. There would be no additional charge to you.
What if you accidently break something on the move, what would you do about it?
Accidents, although rare, can happen sometimes. Whilst we take the utmost of care with your belongings, if we do unfortunately break something we will repair it, or if repair is not possible, replace it. If it is a small item such as a picture frame we will give you the money direct, if it is a larger and more expensive piece we will send you a claim form from our Insurers.
Ok we want a quote for a move with you. What’s the next step?
You can make an online enquiry or request a call back via our site, or phone the office on 01702 277420.
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